St. Augustine’s Most Threatened Historic Places: 2004

Civil Rights Landmarks

Threatened Structures

St. Benedict the Moor School

Villa Rosa

Echo House

Clark -Worley House

Knights of Columbus Hall

Threatened Features

La Punta Community
Mission Archeological Site 

The City’s Brick Streets

The City’s Civil Rights

Ponce de Leon Golf Course

Threatened Districts

Lincolnville National
Register District

The Block Bounded by Genoply and Alfred Streets

St. Augustine played an important role as one of the great battlefields of the civil rights movement of the 1960s leading directly to the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that outlawed segregation and racial discrimination. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. went on from the city to receive the Noble Peace Prize. The locations of where the demonstrations, rallies and events took place as part of the historic civil rights movement are part of a collective community memory that is in danger of being lost forever if not recognized and preserved in a deserving manner. Just in the past year, two of the sites of national and international significance - the Monson Motor Lodge and the Ponce de Leon Motor Lodge — have been demolished. The remaining sites, listed below, need to be thoroughly researched, documented, placed on the National Register of Historic Places and permanently marked as part of the St. Augustine “Freedom Trail.” This will show where this great episode in American democracy took place and will be remembered for generations to come.

• Elks Lodge: Washington St.
• Dr. Hayling’s Office: 79 Bridge St., Dr. Hayling’s Houses: 160 M.L. King Ave. and R.B. Hayling Place
• Henry & Kat Twine Home: 163 Twine St.
• Steps to home burned on Gault St.
• Fannie Fulwood home: 83 King Ferry Way
• Home where Mrs. Peabody stayed: 177 Twine St.
• Homes where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stayed: 81 and 83 Bridge St., 156 M. L. King Av.

Demonstration Sites:
• Slave Market - Plaza de la Constitution
• Woolworth- King St.
• St. George Pharmacy
• Lincolnville Public Library: De Haven at 97 M.L. King Av.
• Henry Thomas House: 155 Twine St.

Civil Rights Rallies held with M.L. King Jr. officiating, Churches listed in 1964
• St. Paul A.M.E. Church - Central Ave. now M.L. King Av.
• First Baptist Church -St. Francis St.
• St. Mary’s Baptist Church - Washington St.
• Trinity Methodist Church - Bridge St.
• Zion Baptist Church - Evergreen Av
• Shiloh Baptist Church - King St., W.